“As a lifelong folkie, I can tell you that the Miggins Fiddle Ceilidh Band is a really classy outfit. Each member is a highly skilled player…most importantly, their sound is full of fun.”

Miggins Fiddle Ceilidh Band

Miggins Fiddle Ceilidh Band brings together the musical talents of Marina Dodgson (fiddle), Maurice Condie (guitar), Adam Holden (piano) and Julie-Ann Souter (caller). Collectively, we have well over 50 years of experience in playing for dancing!

As musicians, we are firmly established in the local folk music scene. We perform regularly in venues across the region, and we also lead folk sessions, ensembles and other creative projects though our company Phoenix Folk. We have worked with each other in various bands and projects for many years, and this gives our ceilidh band a strong musical synergy.

Marina Dodgson (fiddle)

Marina has a dynamic and fluent style that will get people dancing and enjoying the melodies. She has a particular interest in Northumbrian music and has a wide repertoire of dance tunes. She and Maurice perform regularly as a fiddle & guitar duo, and they lead a successful international programme of online sessions.

Maurice Condie (guitar)

Maurice started playing in bands as a teenager and has played in ceilidh bands throughout his musical career. He was guitar tutor at Folkworks (Sage Gateshead) for ten years and continues to teach guitar through Phoenix Folk. He has a unique and unusual style, incorporating rhythm and melody on one instrument.

Adam Holden

Adam is an experienced multi instrumentalist, and an established singer-songwriter. Adam has played for ceilidhs in many of the top venues around the region. For Miggins Fiddle Ceilidh Band he employs his considerable piano talents giving the band a fun, melodic and rhythmic sound.

Julie-Ann Souter (caller)

Julie-Ann, has sung and played harp in a number of bands, including the extremely successful “Lucky Bags”. As an experienced performer, she will guide you through the dances clearly, and her warm and engaging style will put your guests at ease.

Hear the band play